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WATCH: Lewis Hamilton like you've never seen him

2016-11-28 09:50

CHAT WITH THE CHAMP: TopCar editor Calvin Fisher published this candid interview with Lewis Hamilton. Image: YouTube

Calvin Fisher

Cape Town - TopCar editor Calvin Fisher witnessed Lewis Hamilton grab victory at Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi in 2011. Two years later he spent some time him as the pair cruised the German countryside in a  a Mercedes-AMG A45 around the Bilsterberg race circuit.

Instead of asking Lewis the usual motorsport -related questions, Fisher instead asked him about his favourite video games and that time the F1 ace met Nelson Mandela.

He also experienced what its like to drive with a 'relaxed' Hamilton.

A different side

While the media typically reports on Hamilton's brashness, his fevered temperament and childish rants, this video shows a reserved, likeable chap 'who drives like a granny', says Fisher.

Fisher says: "In 2011 Lewis Hamilton won the Abu Dhabi GP at Yas Marina. I know because I was there at turn ten that day. This is my found footage from that race, as is the interview with him at the Bilsterberg Race Circuit in Germany two years later. Or rather more specifically this is us cruising the public roads around the circuit.

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"This is not the Lewis the media reports on - this is the soft-spoken (apologies, the GoPro audio not the best) version who talks about playing Counterstrike (with) his brother, loves South Africa and drives like a granny.

"If you're not a fan (of Hamilton's), this video won't change your opinion. But if you're on the fence, this version of him might win you over."


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