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'Ridiculous in the extreme' - F1 could fit an exhaust 'microphone' to racers

2017-09-28 09:12

Image: AP

Cape Town - Formula 1 owner Liberty Media is backing an initiative to make racers louder.

Ever since the new 'power unit' era began in 2014, insiders and fans have complained that the loss of F1's iconic high volume is hurting the sport.

The proposed solution? Fitting a 'microphone' to F1 cars. 

The sound of F1

A sort of exhaust 'megaphone' was tested and abandoned but in 2016 the FIA announced that it is working with the teams to develop a "sound generator" to improve the "intensity and quality" of the turbo V6s. 

Earlier in September, F1 owner Liberty Media is backing moves to make F1 louder.

"We have to amplify the sound, as in all the market research we do, it is very important to the fans," said the sport's commercial boss Sean Bratches.

We asked Wheels24 readers what they think of a 'microphone' fitted to F1 cars? and what could be done to improve the 'sound' of F1 cars?


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