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Mexican GP: Rosberg shrugs off 'bad for business' jibe

2016-10-28 07:03

3 RACES LEFT IN 2016: Mercedes' Nico Rosberg (left) finished second behind Lewis Hamilton at the 2016 United States Grand Prix but leads Hamilton by 26 points with three races remaining. Image: AP / Tony Gutierrez

Mexico - Nico Rosberg shrugged off Formula 1 ringmaster Bernie Ecclestone's reported comment that a world title for the German would be "bad for business", preferring instead to focus on capturing the 2016 Mexican Grand Prix.

Rosberg can seal his first world title this weekend if he wins the race and Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton, the defending champion, fails to finish.

The German driver, who does not have the same colourful public profile as his British team mate, said he was unperturbed by comments attributed to Ecclestone, suggesting that if he wins the world title it will not be good for the sport.

'Childhood dream'

Rosberg said: "It's not important and I focus on my thing and that's it. To win the championship would be a childhood dream, of course, but that's it and that's where it ends for me.

"Really for me, now, it's all about winning the Mexican Grand Prix and that's it. I am just going one at a time. It feels right. I like to keep it simple, be in the moment and just do what I can focus on. It works so I am sticking with it."

Rosberg finished second behind Hamilton in last Sunday's 2016 United States Grand Prix but leads Hamilton by 26 points with three races remaining.

He said that the atmosphere in the Mercedes team was very exciting for all involved ahead of the final three showdown events.

"We had a great party last Sunday night in Austin - it is great to see that we have come such a long way together as a team and we are strong in every area now.

"We are pulling together in one direction and we are all thrilled."

Asked if his relationship with Hamilton was as harmonious as the team ambience, Rosberg said it was better than in previous seasons.

"The dynamic with Lewis is not something that I think too much about," he said.

"I just try to get the best possible results -- it is intense, yes, but there is also an easy-going side too lately."

He added that the pair continued to share all data and information about their cars. "Everything is open and shared as usual, nothing has changed," he said.


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