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Mad Max interrupts TV broadcast, reporter loses it...

2017-04-19 08:45

OH, COME ON MAX! Dutch TV host Olov Molfor wasn't happy when Max Verstappen interrupted his TV broadcast after the Bahrain GP. Image: YouTube

Bahrain - We tend to forget Max Verstappen is only 19-years-old because of his exploits in a Formula 1 car. The rookie is the youngest F1 race winner in the sport's history (and holds a plethora of other records).

So when a clip of the youngster interrupting a Dutch F1 TV anchor after Sunday's (April 16) Bahrain GP showed us his playful nature, we can't help but laugh. Unfortunately, there was one person who wasn't laughing, at least not initially, reporter Olav Molfor. 

In the video, the Red Bull driver gives Molfor a slight shove while he was recording a segment and the presenter proceeded to let lose with a tirade of expletives in Dutch.

The opening few lines go like this: 

Olav: [realising an F1 driver just wrecked his shot] “F***.”

Max: [interrupting] “Are you having fun?”

Arguably the best moment is when Molfor realises it's Max and gives him a wry smile before cursing at him. 

Watch the clip below (be warned it contains lots of swearing): 


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