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#Laudagate: The Internet reacts to bizarre Mercedes statement

2016-07-07 09:08

TOO LOUD FOR MERC? Mercedes' Formula 1 team quickly tried to douse the comments made by team chairman Niki Lauda over Lewis Hamilton's behaviour. AP / Ronald Zak

London - Mercedes Formula 1 team's statement on non-executive Niki Lauda's comments regarding Lewis Hamilton's behaviour was bizarre to say the least. 

On Monday, Wheels24 reported that the F1 legend and Mercedes team chairman claimed on Austrian television Servus TV, that Hamilton "lied" about having a good relationship with Nico Rosberg.

Mercedes keen to quash 'rumours' 

Lauda said, according to Speed Week: "The more Rosberg is in front, the wilder Lewis gets. 

"I was there when he smashed his room in Baku because he had hit the wall. Of course he paid for the damage himself."

Late on Wednesday (July 6) afternoon, three days before the British Grand Prix, Mercedes' statement apparently cleared up the accusations made my Lauda, the statement read: 

"Following his appearance on a television discussion show on Servus TV recorded prior to last weekend’s 2016 Austrian GP, Niki Lauda would like to set the record straight and state the following:

  • Lewis Hamilton did not in any way damage a hotel room or his private driver room at the circuit during the race weekend in Baku
  • Lewis Hamilton did not lie about his relationship with team mate Nico Rosberg.

"Niki regrets any misunderstanding caused by comments that have been blown wildly out of proportion compared with the casual context in which they were made.”

This prompted Twitter to start the #LaudaGate:


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