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Hamilton, Vettel keep 'respect' for 2017 battle

2017-05-24 16:45

ANOTHER CLOSE BATTLE: Formula 1's title protagonists insist they will continue to "respect" one another through their 2017 battle.FORZA FERRARI! A jubilant

Germany - Formula 1's title protagonists insist they will continue to "respect" one another through their 2017 battle.

Just 6 points divides Sebastian Vettel from Lewis Hamilton after 5 races.

Mutual respect

The pair came close to touching wheels two weeks ago in Barcelona, where Mercedes' Hamilton called the Ferrari driver's move "dangerous".

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But afterwards, they said their mutual respect remains intact.

Hamilton said:"I didn't say anything bad.

"I'm glad I was able to have a battle and didn't damage anything but there's nothing lost between us.  The respect stays the same."

Ferrari's Vettel agrees: "Away from the track there is no reason not to get along with each other.

"You always have to respect when the others do a good job. The respect will remain."

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Hamilton won in Barcelona recently, but Mercedes team figures have been quoted as saying they are worried about Monaco, where the long-wheelbase car concept could struggle.

No close battle

Vettel admits he hopes Monaco is not as close a battle as Barcelona.

The German added:"The idea of having close battles is obviously nice but we don't want to battle them close, we want to be ahead of them."


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