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F1: Hockenheim takes precaution to fight-off terrorism

2016-07-27 12:52

SECURITY TIGHTENED: Officials at the German GP will be turning up security for possible terrorism attacks at this weekend's race event. Image: AP / Luca Bruno

Germany - Hockenheim has ramped up security for this weekend's (July 29 - 31) German GP following a spate of terrorist attacks in the country and Europe.

Everyone is concerned

Britain's Telegraph newspaper said the sport's regular security contractor is almost doubling its staff for the race, and that the Bernie Ecclestone-led FOM is working closely with Hockenheim promoters.

The Formula 1 chief executive admitted: "Everybody is a bit concerned.

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"I can't see what they can do but they're doing whatever they can. Everybody is on alert, especially Germany. The race it not targeted at all."

A Hockenheim circuit spokesman confirmed Ecclestone's claim that the German GP is not specifically targeted, but said police and security "will take all necessary and appropriate actions to ensure the safety of everyone attending this weekend's race".

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