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F1: Drivers unhappy with extra 'Halo' weight

2017-08-14 09:51

image: AFP

Germany - While most focus on the aesthetics, it is another feature of the controversial 'Halo' system that might actually have a more significant impact on Formula 1.

The fact that the carbon-titanium cockpit protection system will be mandatory on all cars in 2018 has sparked a furious debate.

But while some rail against the questionable aesthetics of the 'flip flop'-like addition over the traditional open cockpit, another major consideration is the 10-plus kilograms that 'Halo' weighs.

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Indeed, the Swiss newspaper Blick reports that with the cars already weighing a hefty 728kg this year, the mandatory minimum weight will only increase by 5kg next year to accommodate the Halo.

"Does that mean the drivers will have to lose the other 5 kilograms?" the report wondered.

Image: AFP

Lewis Hamilton admits: "You cannot ignore Halo if it improves safety by 17%. It just doesn't look good and the extra weight isn't good either."

Carlos Sainz added: "We should not have to be as slim as cyclists just because of the cars."

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F1 legend Niki Lauda even thinks Halo "destroys the DNA" of Formula 1, but Valtteri Bottas does not quite agree with his Mercedes boss.

Bottas said: "I don't think Halo will hurt F1. It is a safety improvement like so many others in the history of the sport, which is good for us drivers," he told Auto Bild.

"The only drawback is the extra weight, because the heavier the cars are, the less exciting they are."


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