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F1 champions have no issues with longest season yet

2016-07-19 13:51

WE CAN DO IT: Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton are keen to continue F1's longest season yet. Image: AFP / Andrej Isakovic

London - Two prominent Formula 1 drivers say they have no problem with this year's longest-ever race calendar and the shift away from Europe.

Many people who work in the sport are bemoaning the unprecedentedly long 21-race schedule, and the fact that there are no less than four races in July 2016.

No issue with length

McLaren-Honda veteran Jenson Button said: "For me it's no problem.

"I fly in on Thursday morning and most of the time leave on Monday morning."

"For the mechanics it's different, they're probably at home only one day of the week," Button is quoted by Brazil's UOL. "It's very difficult for their families."

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World champion Lewis Hamilton, who jets around the calendar and elsewhere in the world aboard his red private jet, also doesn't mind the current schedule.

Hamilton said: "There are a lot of races this year but, personally, I like the races outside of Europe, usually because the weather is better.

"I don't mind long flights - I like to be away from home," Hamilton added.


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