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Eww! Patrick Stewart drinks from Ricciardo's shoe at Canadian GP

2017-06-12 08:02

GROSS: Patrick Stewart drinks from Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo shoe at the Canadian GP.Image: Ryan Remiorz / The Canadian Press via AP

Canada - Lewis Hamilton led a Mercedes-Benz one-two victory at the 2017 Canadian GP, with team mate Valtteri Bottas finishing in second place.

Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo finished in third place... and you know what that means, yet another podium host was forced to drink from his shoe.

The unfortunate victim of yet another F1 'shoey' was actor Patrick Stewart. 

As it happened: 2017 Canadian GP

Ricciardo capitalized on the first lap chaos in Montreal, which saw Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel drop several places, as well as a collision between Torro Rosso's Carlos Sainz and Williams' Felipe Massa.

Stewart, known for his role as Star Trek's Captain Jean-Luc Picard, was forced to imbibe champagne from Ricciardo's still-warm race shoe.

Just think of the sweat and other filth mixed with expensive beverage...

Watch the clip below:

Image: AP

Image: AP


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