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Drivers call Monaco GP revised kerbs dangerous

2017-05-24 19:13

Image: iStock / Birute

Barcelona - Top drivers set to race in the 2017 Monaco Grand Prix expressed fears on Wednesday (May 24) that new kerbs around the swimming pool complex section of the demanding city course could be dangerous.

Haas driver Romain Grosjean, who is head of the Grand Prix Drivers Association, and Sergio Perez both said the new kerb could cause airborne accidents.

'Send you to the wall'

Grosjean said: "It looks like a take-off ramp. If you clip your front wing, it could take it off because you've made a small mistake and it will fly you straight into the wall."

Force India driver Perez said: "I think the one we had before was big enough and if you hit it, it will send you to the wall... So, now, I think this (new) one will probably send you to the grandstand."

The new kerbs are part of a revised layout around the swimming pool, which also includes a revision of the speed bumps that follow in the sequence of corners leading to the Rascasse hairpin.


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