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Bernie backs call for 'maximum attack' F1 tyres

2016-01-28 11:13

TYRE ISSUES: Formula 1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone has called for longer-lasting tyres in the sport .

London, England - Formula 1 could be set to take a sharp turn away from the era of Pirelli's heavily-degrading tyres.

A few days ago, GPDA director Alex Wurz revealed that F1 drivers are calling upon a return to "maximum attack" racing.

The BBC quoted a source as saying: "To a man, the drivers say 'We are driving far below our own personal limits - and those of the cars - because of the tyres.  It's not fun and we don't like it'."

In response, Pirelli defended its current tyres on the basis that it only does "what F1 asks us to do".

Good for the 'show'

Racing manager Mario Isola: "If we have to produce tyres with degradation, we focus on that. If we have to produce long-lasting tyres, we focus on that."

The heavy-degradation era was prompted and has always been staunchly defended by Bernie Ecclestone, on the basis that it is good for the 'show'.

But the F1 supremo may now be willing to re-think that approach, agreeing "a million per cent" with the drivers that the sport should be about maximum attack.

Ecclestone said: "I have already told Pirelli that."

And he confirmed that a meeting at Pirelli's Milan headquarters early next week will be held.

Ecclestone said: "Whatever drivers want to turn up can turn up. It will be the president of Pirelli who is there, not a messenger."

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