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Baffled Alonso tells Dennis: 'Give me a break'

2015-11-29 23:03

WHAT'S GOING ON? McLaren driver Fernando Alonso says he doesn't know what Ron Dennis means by the sabbatical suggestion.Image:AFP/Andrej Isakovic

Abu Dhabi - Fernando Alonso was left baffled Saturday (November 28) by McLaren team chief Ron Dennis's cryptic suggestion that the two-time world champion may be taking a sabbatical in 2016.

On the eve of the 2015 season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Alonso was hit by a puncture that wrecked his qualifying session and then Dennis's comment that the Spaniard may be absent if the McLaren-Honda car remains uncompetitive next season.

But, when asked directly if he expected to be on the grid for 2016, he said: "I will be. I will be...

"I haven't spoken to him (Dennis), so I don't think that's true. It's always the same story. When Ron or another driver says something, then I have to respond and guess what they meant to say.

"I think when he speaks, you have the golden chance to ask him and I don't know what he meant to say. You can ask him."


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