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Veteran slams Schumi comeback

2012-08-22 10:58

MIGHT BE TIME TO QUIT...FOR GOOD: Michael Schumacher hopes to earn his first grand prix victory since his return to F1 before considering retiring from the sport for good.

Heinz-Harald Frentzen has taken a swipe at his countryman, former rival and one-time team mate, Michael Schumacher.

Once pre-F1 sportscar team mates, the Germans' careers both headed into Formula 1 in the 90s, where Schumacher soared to success and Frentzen won 3 of his 160 grands prix.


So when asked if, notwithstanding his 45 years of age, he might emulate Schumacher by making a comeback, Frentzen's answer was slightly less than diplomatic.

Frentzen said: "It's because I'm 45 now, and because Michael Schumacher has done everything he can to ensure that older guys are no longer so much in demand."

Frentzen drove for teams including Williams and Sauber until 2003.

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