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VW F1 rumours back as Piech steps down

2015-04-28 09:24

VW POWER STRUGGLE: Volkswagen board chairman Ferdinand Piech (left) with CEO Martin Winterkorn. Piech stepped down after a power struggle. Image: AP / Jochen Luebke

BERLIN, Germany - Once again the Volkswagen-to-F1 rumours are gathering speed.

Bernie Ecclestone was told at the 2015 Bahrain GP of rumours that as long as he was chief executive of F1 Volkswagen group chairman Ferdinand Piech would refuse to consider bringing Audi into the sport.

Ecclestone said: "Nobody has told me that but, if that's the case, I'll leave. I'd be happy to step down immediately - I'm absolutely serious."


Ecclestone's withdrawal will, however, no longer be an obstacle; Piech has stepped down after a corporate power struggle. VW's supervisory board said: "The mutual trust needed for successful co-operation no longer exists."

Interestingly, Ecclestone made the comments in Bahrain to his long-time colleague and friend Eddie Jordan, now a broadcaster for British broadcaster BBC.

It's believed Martin Winterkorn could succeed be Piech as VW chairman.

Earlier Jordan said Winterkorn "has always believed that F1 is a great platform for the group's brands. I'm told he privately believes VAG (Volkswagen AG) should be a part of F1".

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