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Unconscious Bianchi to start therapy

2014-12-31 08:24

ROAD TO RECOVERY: F1 driver Jules Bianchi is still unconscious but will start a physical therapy programme his family has reported. Image: AFP


LONDON, England - French Formula 1 driver Jules Bianchi remains unconscious but has begun a programme of rehabilitation therapy, his family has announced.

Bianchi suffered a serious head injury when he crashed into and under a recovery tractor in rain at the 2014 Japanese Grand Prix on October 5. He was transferred to a hospital in Nice, France, in November .

The family added in a statement: "It was a significant and very comforting step for us to be able to bring Jules home to France to continue his rehabilitation surrounded by his family and friends. This is very important for Jules and for us."


Bianchi was being treated in the intensive care unit of Le Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Nice (CHU) but is now at the institute's rehabilitation centre. The family explained: "Jules' neurological status remains unchanged; he is unconscious but able to breathe unaided. While there is no significant information to report Jules continues to fight."

An International Automobile Federation report said in early December 2014 that Bianchi had not slowed sufficiently under warning flags up to his crash. His car hit the crane at 126km/h and no fault attached to track medical services.


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