Driver does 'donuts' in traffic, crashes

A delirious driver was filmed performing 'donuts' with her car at busy intersections! Watch what happens!

BMW 40 years of 3 Series

BMW celebrates 40 years of its iconic 3 Series with a new generation in South Africa.

Formula 1 Tracks

Albert Park

Race Date:15 March 2015
No of Laps:58
Length:307.574 km
Lap Record:Michael Schumacher (2004) - 1:24.125

Sepang International Circuit

Race Date:29 March 2015
No of Laps:56
Length:310.408 km
Lap Record:Juan Pablo Montoya (2004) - 1:34.223

Shanghai International Circuit

Race Date:12 April 2015
No of Laps:56
Length:5.451 km
Lap Record:Michael Schumacher (2004) - 1:32.238

Bahrain International Circuit

Race Date:19 April 2015
No of Laps:57
Length:5.412 km
Lap Record:Pedro de la Rosa (2005) - 1:31.447

Circuit de Catalunya

Race Date:10 May 2015
No of Laps:66
Length:307.104 km
Lap Record:Kimi Raikkonen (2008) - 1:21.670

Circuit de Monaco

Race Date:24 May 2015
No of Laps:78
Length:560.520 km
Lap Record:Michael Schumacher (2004) - 1:14.439

Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve

Race Date:07 June 2015
No of Laps:70
Length:307.574 km
Lap Record:Rubens Barrichello (2004) - 1:13.622

Red Bull Ring

Race Date:21 June 2015
No of Laps:71
Length:4.326 km
Lap Record:Michael Schumacher (2003) - 1:08.337


Race Date:05 July 2015
No of Laps:52
Length:5.891 km
Lap Record:Mark Webber (2013) - 1:33.401


Race Date:26 July 2015
No of Laps:70
Length:4.381 km
Lap Record:Michael Schumacher (2004) - 1:19.071


Race Date:23 August 2015
No of Laps:44
Length:7.004 km
Lap Record:Sebastian Vettel (2009) - 1:47.263

Autodromo di Monza

Race Date:06 September 2015
No of Laps:53
Length:306.720 km
Lap Record:Rubens Barrichello (2004) - 1:21.046

Marina Bay Circuit

Race Date:20 September 2015
No of Laps:61
Length:308.828 km
Lap Record:S. Vettel (2013) - 1:48.574

Suzuka Circuit

Race Date:27 September 2015
No of Laps:53
Length:307.471 km
Lap Record:Kimi Raikkonen (2005) - 1:31.540

Sochi Street Circuit

Race Date:11 October 2015
No of Laps:53
Length:5.848 km
Lap Record:Valtteri Bottas (2014) - 1:40.896

Circuit of the Americas

Race Date:25 October 2015
No of Laps:56
Length:5.515 km
Lap Record:Sebastian Vettel (2012) - 1:39.347

Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez

Race Date:01 November 2015
No of Laps:70
Length:4.313 km
Lap Record:Nigel Mansell (1991) - 1:16.788

Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace

Race Date:15 November 2015
No of Laps:71
Length:4.309 km
Lap Record: Juan Pablo Montoya (2004) - 1:11.473

Yas Marina Circuit

Race Date:29 November 2015
No of Laps:55
Length:305.355 km
Lap Record:Sebastian Vettel (2014) - 1:40.279
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Oct 25 United States Grand Prix 10:00 PM
Nov 01 Mexican Grand Prix 10:00 PM
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Singapore GP: Vettel victory livens up title race

Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel won the Singapore GP injecting new life into the fight for the 2015 title. Is there still 'magic' in F1?

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