How to form a school lift club

Car-pooling is a solution that could bring about an easier, efficient and less stressful way of dealing with all this morning madness.

Roadblocks in SA: 8 things to know

Can an officer search your car at a roadblock? Do you have the right to film the police? Do you know your rights?

Formula 1 Results

Date Grand Prix Podium
Mar 20 Australian Grand Prix
1.Nico Rosberg
2.Lewis Hamilton
3.Sebastian Vettel
Apr 03 Bahrain Grand Prix
1.Nico Rosberg
2.Kimi Raikkonen
3.Lewis Hamilton
Apr 17 Chinese Grand Prix
1.Nico Rosberg
2.Sebastian Vettel
3.Daniil Kvyat
May 01 Russian Grand Prix
1.Nico Rosberg
2.Lewis Hamilton
3.Kimi Raikkonen
May 15 Spanish Grand Prix 15:00
May 29 Monaco Grand Prix 15:00
Jun 12 Canadian Grand Prix 21:00
Jun 19 Grand Prix of Europe 16:00
Jul 03 Austrian Grand Prix 15:00
Jul 10 British Grand Prix 14:00
Jul 24 Hungarian Grand Prix 15:00
Jul 31 German Grand Prix 15:00
Aug 28 Belgian Grand Prix 15:00
Sep 04 Italian Grand Prix 15:00
Sep 18 Singapore Grand Prix 14:00
Oct 02 Malaysian Grand Prix 09:00
Oct 09 Japanese Grand Prix 07:00
Oct 23 United States Grand Prix 22:00
Oct 30 Mexican Grand Prix 21:00
Nov 13 Brazilian Grand Prix 18:00
* All times in GMT+2
F1 Season
Date Grand Prix Time
May 15 Spanish Grand Prix 03:00 PM
May 29 Monaco Grand Prix 03:00 PM
Jun 12 Canadian Grand Prix 09:00 PM
* All times in GMT+2View Full Schedule
F1 Standings

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And Formula 1's highest-earner is...

Step aside Lewis Hamilton and Bernie Ecclestone, the highest-paid person in Formula 1 is someone that steers away from the glitz and glamour.

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