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Nico wants his lucky charm at every GP

2015-05-28 08:37

THREE TIMES A CHARM: Mercedes' Nico Rosberg with his wife Vivian when they announced in February 2015 that a baby was on the way. Nico believes his wife is his lucky charm. Image: Twitter

BERLIN, Germany - Nico Rosberg wants his 'lucky charm' at every Formula 1 GP for the rest of the season as he chases the 2015 title.

Reigning F1 Drivers' champion and team mate Lewis Hamilton had the clear upper hand over Rosberg in Australia, Malaysia, China and Bahrain but then team mate Rosberg broke through in Spaiwith a pole start and a win.


It was the first race of the season attended by his pregnant new wife, Vivian, who had been struggling with morning sickness.

Then, in Monaco on May 24, Vivian - now seven months pregnant - was trackside again. Rosberg won again - though clearly Hamilton was a cert to win until his team cocked-up a pit stop. He was leading Rosberg by more than 20 seconds until then..

"My wife is my lucky charm," Rosberg smiled to the Kolner Express tabloid. "She has to come now to Montreal - and to every race!" he added, "but of course we will have to see how her pregnancy proceeds."


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