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Hamilton should 'learn how to lose'

2014-05-29 12:17

SAY YOU’RE SORRY: Former F1 driver Mika Hakkinen believes Lewis Hamilton (above) should apologise for his behaviour at the 2014 Monaco GP. Image: AFP/ALEXANDER KLEIN

MONTE CARLO, Monaco - Mercedes driver "Lewis Hamilton should consider apologising to Nico Rosberg in the wake of the 2014 Monaco GP," claims former Formula 1 driver Mika Hakkinen.

Hakkinen denounced Hamilton's "sub-standard behaviour" at the 2014 Monaco GP: "I appreciate Nico's patience in this situation. I do not like the idea of what Lewis did."

Hakkinen was referring to Hamilton's accusations of sabotage and his refusal to congratulate or even look at new championship leader Rosberg after his back-to-back Monaco win.


Hakkinen is not sure if time can ease the tension between the two Mercedes drivers.

He added: It's hard to tell if something is going to change significantly. I don't know if Lewis would even consider apologising for his behaviour. It is a very individual thing.

"But in my opinion, one of the characteristics of a good winner is that he also knows how to lose."

Hakkinen, the former McLaren driver, who retired in 2001 and is now 45 was at the 2014 Monaco GP, where Hamilton suspected Rosberg deliberately ruined his qualifying lap.

Hakkinen said: "To me it is clear he locked his brakes at Mirabeau (a bend on the Monaco road circuit). It is downhill there with nasty bumps and so making a mistake is easy.

"Nico is an honest guy, but you can also see on the computer very precisely where he hit the brakes."

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