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FIA adds new overtaking rule

2012-01-05 11:07

NEW RULES: Is overtaking becoming too easy in F1? Many purists would argue that new rules and DRS zones are ruining the sport, while many fans believe it makes for better Grands Prix.

Another overtaking rule has been added to Formula 1's regulations for the 2012 season.

Last month the FIA flagged the forthcoming rule by announcing that drivers "may no longer move back on to the racing line having moved off it to defend a position".

The rule has until now been an unwritten one that was agreed to and understood by the drivers, with the stewards empowered to issue penalties for questionable manoeuvres but from 2012 a regulation will declare: "More than one change of direction to defend a position is not permitted.

"Any driver moving back towards the racing line, having earlier defended his position off-line, should leave at least one car width between his own car and the edge of the track on the approach to the corner."


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