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'Do we have to go to Bahrain?'

2011-05-23 09:38

BAHRAIN GP: Mercedes team boss Ross Brawn is wary of the effect a longer F1 season will have on his staff.

BARCELONA - Ross Brawn has added his voice to the general feeling in the paddock this weekend that F1 should think hard about rescheduling the Bahrain Grand Prix in 2011.

With Bernie Ecclestone admitting India could be delayed until early December to make room on the calendar for Sakhir, Renault boss Eric Boullier sounded unenthused.

"The question has to be raised.  Does F1 have to go there?" said the Frenchman in Barcelona.  "It is maybe too early to go there after the dramas."

His Mercedes counterpart Brawn, meanwhile, has another reason for not wholeheartedly supporting the idea of extending the calendar beyond its currently-scheduled late November finale.

He told Germany's motorsport-magazin.com that a December finale would shorten his hard-working staff's holidays.

"Our boys, by the end of January, are back to work completely and very busy.  And because of the resource restrictions we can't put any more people on or employ a second race team," said Brawn.

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