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F1 ups poles to trophy status

2013-12-13 08:08

POLE STARTS FLAGGED FOR TROPHY: Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel waves to the crowd after taking pole position for the 2013 Brazilian F1 GP - the last race of the season. In 2014 drivers will compete for a 'pole' trophy. Image: AFP


LONDON, England - Formula 1 will award a "pole position trophy" in 2014 to the driver who qualifies fastest the most times during the season, the governing International Automobile Federation has announced.

As it's very likely that more than one driver will achieve the same number the regulations state that the title will go to the driver with the most second-best times with a further count-back until a winner emerges.

"If this procedure fails to produce a result, the FIA will nominate the winner according to such criteria as it thinks fit."


Well that's sorted, then. Red Bull's four-times F1 champion Sebastian Vettel would have won the award in four of the previous five seasons.

The federation committee has also introduced a point system; reaching 12 'bad boy' points in a season will mean an automatic one-race ban. "Penalty points will remain on a driver's superlicence for 12 months."

Each driver's race number will be chosen by each driver and remain for the rest of their F1 racing career. It must be clearly visible on each driver's helmet and on the front of car.

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