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Cape GP: Officials 'ill-informed'

2013-03-11 13:39

NO CAPE GRAND PRIX: City officials have dismissed several proposals for a Cape Town grand Prix despite F1 chief executive Bernie Ecclestone hoping to return Africa to the sport's calendar.

Fritz Klaaste

In March 2013 we reported that Formula 1 chief executive Bernie Ecclestone hinted at a Cape Town Grand Prix.

He said he'd like Africa to host a race - as he said a couple of years ago when there was much controversy about using the then new Green Point Stadium as the pits and Wheels24 made a video of the proposed "track"


His hopes for a Cape race have been dashed for now as the city fathers and mothers claim the cost would be prohibitive so have  black-flagged the idea of a Formula 1 race.

Tourism, events and marketing director Anton Groenewald, said: "We are not in favour of it because of the huge cost implications to the city."

Wheels24 reader FRITZ KLAASTE says:

"I don't understand why Cape Town would not give this a thought. The whole world is standing in line to host a Grand Prix and here we have people like Mr Groenewald who I believe is ill-informed for the reasons given in this report. How can a place like Monaco with the exact backdrop like Cape Town, see their Grand Prix as the best annual thing to happen in their city?

The whole world stand still for this three days, and look at the beauty of Monaco. What better window to a city do you want than a potential world TV Audience of around 530 million people?

F1 is the biggest TV sports in the world, much bigger than any other sports event like a soccer, cricket or rugby. If the Mothercity would for any reason host any other sports event, the same reason would be the best motivator for a Grand Prix. Noise levels and cost to City is simply not good enough reasons.

This is bad leadership.These people need to go to a GP and talk to the fathers of F1 Cities to get the clear picture before downing this idea. Unfortunately time is a problem seeing that Bernie Ecclestone would want to ad Cape Town in 2014. Some of the biggest inventors and engineers of the sport are South Africans.

I would suggest that the marine drive is not really the best option, but a street circuit like Monaco that uses Table Mountain as backdrop with a turn at the sea, back through the city toward the mountain. Hopefully the responsible councillors will see the light.

The whole of South Africa will join in if so requested. I firmly belief so. We're just a bunch of petrolheads. We love our soccer, rugby and cricket, but we so dearly love our motorsports.
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