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Bernie waived ‘Ring fee to save GP

2013-06-26 10:21

A FAVOUR FROM BERNIE: The Nurburgring allegedly did not have to pay its R184-million race fee in 2013. The image shows the previous race held in 2011.Image-AFP

Germany is only on this the 2013 Formula 1 calendar because the sport's chief executive Bernie Ecclestone waived the Nurburgring's usual race fee.

That is the claim of Bild newspaper, referring to the circuit's financial problems that put at risk the race-alternating scheme with Germany's other F1 host, Hockenheim.

To ensure the embattled Nurburgring hosts its scheduled race on July 7, Ecclestone agreed to waive his organisation's usual R184-million race fee.


Bild's Helmut Uhl said: "Bild has learned that without the gift, there would not have been a Grossen Preis von Deutschland on 7 July.

"The Rhineland-Palatinate state and the insolvent Nurburgring GmbH could not have afforded the fee."

A spokesperson for the company responsible for the Nurburgring's insolvency process confirmed: "We achieved an agreement in a very short time with Ecclestone.

"The details are not disclosed."

Nurburgring's insolvency administrator Jens Lieser added: "With his commitment to the Nurburgring, Ecclestone did German F1 fans a big favour."

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