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Terminator Salvation giveaway

2009-06-02 08:42
Coinciding with the release of the hotly anticipated action fest Terminator Salvation, which opens in South Africa on June 5, Wheels24 joins the revolution by offering some great Terminator-inspired prizes.

Terminator Salvation, the fourth movie in the iconic series, tells the story of the adult John Connor (Christian Bale) leading a group of resistance fighters against robots hellbent on destroying all human life in a post-apocalyptic future. Expect plenty of action as the humans continue to blast their way through all kinds of mechanical foes.

Wheels24 is offering Terminator Salvation inspired gear, valued at over R500, to suit any metal-head fan.

The three hampers, courtesy of Terminator Salvation and Sony Pictures Releasing International, include:


Compass Carabiner

Swivel USB

Pocket radio

And many more...

To win any of these exciting prizes all you have to do is answer a simple question:

Which F1 team showed off its Terminator robot at the Spanish Grand Prix?

The first three correct entries, selected randomly will be awarded a hamper each. Representatives of Sony Pictures will be in touch with the winners.

The Brawn GP F1 team promoting the Terminator Salvation movie at the recent Spanish Grand Prix. 


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