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Big guns gut rallying

2005-10-11 12:00

John Oxley

On one side is petro-chemical giant Sasol, sponsor of the SA rally championship series.

On the other French fuel importer Total, sponsor of the Pretoria Motor Club's round of the championship.

The issue - conflicting advertising.

It's ironic, really.

Years ago, when I was rallying oxwagons, I was sponsored by Castrol.

However, Total sponsored one of the events, the Total Nthabeni Rally. And they didn't want to let me take part because of my Castrol stickers.

Now it's the other way round. Sasol doesn't want the PMC's rally to be named after its sponsor, Total, so the French company has picked up its tent and left the playing field.

It's time both of them looked at the bigger picture and put personal pride back in their pockets...


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