SA’s most powerful bakkies

So, in a double-cab, strictly kilowatt-only showdown, what are the most powerful bakkies in South Africa?

Best breakfast run routes for bikes

You’ve got the bike but most of the time you’re either using it to commute or it’s sitting in the garage while you use your car to get to work. Remember - there’s an epic weekend ride that will suit you, and your bike, just perfectly.

Best Buy Friday: This Aston Martin DB9 for Santa Fé money

2017-02-24 10:21

BEST BUY: Lance Branquinho thinks this Aston Martin DB9 is worth investing in. Image: Supplied

Lance Branquinho

Cape Town - The pressure of family has an unnatural influence on our vehicle buying rationale.

It’s why so very many people are commuting in SUVs they never drive on gravel or load even near capacity.

Defeating victimhood

Why do that? Expose yourself to the defeatism and victimhood of it all? I have no idea, but it need not be this way. With the help of Autotrader’s  comprehensive database of used cars, there is always the possibility of a better choice - achieving that automotive dream.

For the price of a Korean SUV, such as Hyundai’s new Sante Fe, you could own a disarmingly striking convertible. And not merely something with terrific styling and seductive proportions, but also something powered by a V12. Yes, a V12 – the configuration of true automotive distinction.

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Image: Supplied

Best of all – it is something that has a thoroughbred British badge. Oh, and an interior redder than a butchery floor, with transmission select buttons above the analogue clock in the centre-stack. Ergonomics? What ergonomics?

Buying a used car in SA: 5 tips to get the best deal

I speak of the Aston Martin BD9 Volante, a car of truly incomparable elegance which despite its age – remains infinitely more attractive than most new cabriolets. The model pricing within your Sante Fe affordability realm is a 2007, with 123 000km – and you know that each one of those kilometres has brought road, driver and all those privileged enough in proximity to witness a DB9 on the move, untold joy.

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The naturally aspirated 5.9-litre V12 is good for 335kW/570Nm, outputs delivered with an accompanying soundtrack that is part Le Mans racing heritage, part Bond-car. And that’s it, beyond the V12 engine’s undulated appeal and DB9’s sinful styling, this is – all things considered- an Aston Martin.

And Aston Martin is James Bond’s car brand of choice. So, for R699 000 you can buy into the associated lifestyle ‘cool’ of 007 and the happiness of owning a car with four more cylinders than any supposedly special V8.

You family? Well, they can Uber, right?

Image: Supplied


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